About the Well Gang

Hi! I’m Loanne Collyer, founder of ‘The Well Gang’ and a certified holistic health and wellness coach.

I am so passionate about all things wellness and living the BEST life we can with the finite time we have on this planet. Each day is an opportunity to live to our full potential but without a healthy mind, body and soul, we are barely scratching the surface.

Having suffered the traumatic loss of my father to cancer in 2016 and witnessing my mother deal with a host of cancers along with auto-immune conditions present on the female side of my family, I knew I had to change the fate of my own health trajectory. I knew that with the right diet and lifestyle changes, I could take back control of my own health, knowing that our genetics only play a small role in the likelihood of developing today’s chronic diseases.

In today’s current healthcare system , there is so much emphasis on cure and the treatment of symptoms, rather than focusing on prevention and getting to the root cause of what is going on. This is where I believe health and wellness coaches really come in. We take the time to listen and really understand what is going on at a deeper level.

Understanding that our body, mind and soul are so closely connected is key to achieving wellness. Had my dad have been equipped with the knowledge I have today on how to truly nurture his body, mind and soul, I am sure his time here would not have been taken so suddenly.

With a sense of disconnect toward the current healthcare system, I enrolled in the largest health coaching school, The institute for integrative nutrition, which has subsequently changed the way I eat, think and live to become the happiest and healthiest version of myself.

I have transformed my life, health and outlook on life. And now my goal is to educate, coach and help as many people as possible do the same.

My Programmes

The Well Woman Project

A 3 month programme designed to turn your frustration and fatigue in to your healthiest life

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Bespoke Coaching

A bespoke 3 or 6 month coaching programme entirely tailored to you and your needs.

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